Marketing Services

Before selecting specific marketing services – such as Advertising, Public Relations and Promotional activity, the very necessary imperative is to have a clever innovative strategy planned one that will benefit your business at its relevant stage of development and activity.

Marketing Strategies

MBC create marketing strategies that rely heavily on the strengths of your business or product, or alternatively ensure that your business and its products are visible in the marketplace, ensuring a very strong presence.

Marketing needs to be both innovative, incisive and exciting. One size does not fit all and more importantly, one tactic does not make a strategy. By combining Web, Online and Social Media campaigns with traditional media advertising, whether it be Radio, Print or Visual, a marketing and promotional campaign will effectively present your brand to your chosen market and its dynamics. But it must be budgeted and timelined to be effective.

A range of Marketing Services are available to be selected from to create a unique strategy for your business.

Social Media

MBC provide a complete service in providing the best possible social media online presence for your business.

Blogs / Latest News

MBC offer a unique method of both providing constant new content (Content Marketing) and a stream of effective backlinks to assist in Google recognition. MBC separately set up Online Newsletters and blog publication via email as well. All blogs are also published via Facebook.


MBC create a unique presence for our clients on Facebook. We ensure high visibility and a greater probability of relevance. We create slideshow videos, utilise Youtube and other ‘hot button’ items for our clients on Facebook. We recommend a sensible Facebook spend that enables cut through at an appropriate level for particular businesses.


MBC create Instagram campaigns that encourage a following. Creative, innovative and cutting edge. Instagram essentially requires clever imagery – we provide it.

Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Youtube, WhatsApp, Wechat and more. MBC understand Social Media


Much of todays advertising occurs online. From Google AdWords to Facebook local advertising, MBC knows and understands online advertising.

MBC create Media Campaigns including Online, Print, Radio, Television and other options such as Billboard advertising. Clever media placement ensures strong cut through for advertisers.

Public Relations

MBC provide a solid PR platform to launch or expose your products or services to selected markets. Whether it’s through key influencers or simply press releases to nominated media contacts, a strong PR campaign is always developed and exercised.

Direct Marketing

Mailouts (Snail Mail), Newsletters, Email updates and in some cases Telemarketing can be used effectively to promote your business, its products and services.

Mailouts using traditional posted items are again proving effective when compared to so-called email blasts. One well designed item in a small amount of mail is far more likely to gain attention than emails lost in clutter, junk or blocked by Cloud.

Content Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation

By far the most effective SEO tactic now is Content Marketing. MBC as part of an overall marketing strategy develop effective Content Marketing which ensures a relatively high SEO ranking for those businesses that adopt these tactics. MBC follows Google bulletins and ensures all clients are both compliant and benefitting from Google strategies.


On occasion MBC will deem it suitable, indeed advantageous, for a business to engage in promotional activities such as Shows, Expos, Field Days and Industry Exhibitions. MBC is experienced in developing such promotions having produced many such ‘stands’ at Shows as varied as the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show, IT Expos and Home Shows.

It is the combination of such tactics, bound to an approved Marketing Budget and actioned by Key Personnel using an agreed Time Line Action Plan that will achieve the marketing goals and objectives desired (key objectives).

MBC – proven methodologies backed up with Real Experience.
Simply a winning strategy.

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