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About Marketing

"Marketing" is a much used term that covers a large range of activities that promote the attributes of a particular product or service.

Effective marketing, including advertising, promotions, brochures, websites and public relations will gain interest and communicate your competitive advantage. A well designed brand connects consumers to your unique offering.

Brands have been in our society for centuries. Once used to rouse the populace to battle or idolize a King brands evoke a deep response. In modern times brands have been adopted by corporations to signify their value proposition. Your brand should add value to your organisation.

Customer service is an absolute must if you want success. Your customers should be respected and trust your organisation. Social networking, surveys and good customer interface are an essential element of your marketing mix.

Stage 1 – Gain customer’s interest Stage 2 – Communicate your brand’s unique selling position  Stage 3 – State your competitive advantage Stage 4 – Customer will make a purchase decision Stage 5 – Customer experiences purchase satisfaction Stage 6 – Customer experiences a high level of service Stage 7 – Customer re-purchases
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