About Marketing

Marketing is the branding and promotion of your business, its products and services. It signifies the character, identity and ethos of your business.

Effective marketing through online and traditional media advertising, promotions, brochureware, websites and public relations positions your business right where you want it to be – in the spotlight.

Brands are not new things, they’ve been used for centuries. Flags, Banners, symbols – often calling for fealty, loyalty and commitment have been used by Monarchs, the Religious, governments and revolutionary movements. Such symbols have developed deep responses in people and indeed entire populations identify with them.

These days this same ethos is applied to the market. People become loyal to products. They recommend brands based on quality, reward and service – and Advertising! Today’s market requires you participate to have a visible presence. The game has changed, the goal posts have been shifted. Online visibility with consumer access is essential for both retail and online businesses.

One thing that never changes is the Marketing Cycle. Work out exactly where you and your business sits.

MBC can analyse your current positioning and develop workable strategies to improve your marketing direction resulting in higher rewards for less effort. When customers re-purchase, it’s customer loyalty. Maintaining current customers is a far better proposition than constant renewal. Expansion requires planning.

It’s time to claim your market share.
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